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Donegal first aid services was established in 2015 in response to the growing demand for a professional approach to first aid & pre hospital training in Ireland.

All our courses are delivered by experienced medical or pre-hospital practitioners with a wealth of field experience, which we bring to all our courses without distracting the class with war stories or tales of heroism. Professional instructors with a qualifications in adult education, who listen to the client needs and tailor each course to suit the client’s needs and encapsulate all class members, both experienced and beginners.

We provide approved training courses geared to the client’s needs. Our instructors haven’t just read it in a book!

Our instructors are experts who have years of experience attending thousands of emergency calls.

This means that we can bring realistic training, relating real life emergencies to the class room situation, which brings our training ‘alive’.

At Donegal First Aid Services our aim is to try and bridge the gap between training and reality to provide the participants with the skills needed to deal with any emergency situation.

Donegal First Aid Services offer all aspects of First Aid Training including: Outside Base

  • First Aid Course
  • CPR and AED Training
  • Pedriatic First Aid
  • Refresher Cert
  • Basic First Aid
  • Sports First Aid
  • Schools & Creche First Aid


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