Fire Safety Course

Fire Safety Course Description

The aim of this course is to make attendees aware of fire in the workplace. Fire has the potential to cause injury, property damage, and even death.

Fire safety measures are precautions which are implemented to prevent or reduce the risk of fire occurring.



1/  Fire legislation.

2/  Nature and behaviour of fire.

3/  Emergency Procedures in the work place.

4/  Fire types and methods of extinguishing.

5/  Fire equipment.

6/  Correct procedure of extinguishing the fire.


Course Content

Unit 1 /   Fire safety legislation.

Unit 2 /   Nature and behaviour of fire.

Unit 3 /   Nature and behaviour of smoke.

Unit 4 /   Fire safety management.

Unit 5 /   Components of fire safety.

Unit 6 /   Emergency procedures.

Unit 7 /   Fire types and methods of extinguishing.

Unit 8 /   Fire extinguishers.

Unit 9 /   Fire blankets.

Unit 10 / Fire hoses and reels.

Unit 11 / Fire wardens .

Unit 12 / Practical use of fire extinguishers.

Unit 13 / Fire safety test.


Duration of Course

This course is a half day course.


Method Of Delivery.

The fire safety course will be delivered with the use of power point presentation, DVD’s and advertisements.


Student Ratio

Student Ratio to Instructor is 12 to 1



Certification will be from Donegal First Aid Services on the successful completion of the course.



Price is on request.

All courses to be paid before commencement, failure to participate will not be refunded.


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