Manual Handling

Manual Handling Course Description

Lower back pain affects approximately 80% of the population at some stage in their lives. Health Care costs and the cost of sick leave and early retirement because of back pain are estimated at €800million.

Manual handling training is required in the workplace by law, however, this training can apply to more than just our workplace. Learning the correct lifting techniques and remembering to use them can also have an impact on our leisure activities and our everyday lives.



1/  Health and Safety Legislation.

2The Anatomy and Structure of the body.

3/  Understand the Ergonomics in the workplace.

4/  Manual handling at work.

5/  Risk Assessment .

6/  P.P.E


Course Content

Unit 1  /    Health and Safety Legislation

Unit 2  /    The Musculoskeletal System.

Unit 3  /    Intervertebral Disc.

Unit 4  /    Anatomy, Structure & Funtions of the Spine.

Unit 5  /    Posture % Back Pain .

Unit 6  /    Fitness & Flexibility.

Unit 7  /    Ergonomics.

Unit 8  /    Manual Handling at Work – T.I.L.E.

Unit 9  /   Risk Assessment.

Unit 10 /  Manual Handling  Techniques.

Unit 11 / Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Unit 12 / Employer Groups.

Unit 13 / Reducing the Risks from Manual Handling


Duration of Course

This course is half a day course.


Method of Delivery

1/ The course will be delivered with the use of powerpoint presentation .

2/ Practical demonstration & assessment

3/ Theory assessment.


Student Ratio

1 instructor to 12 Students.



Certification  is provided by Donegal First Aid Services on Successful completion of the course the certification is valid for three years.



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